Download Vault Premium APK – Hide SMS, Pics & Videos v6.8.08.22

When it comes to privacy, you should never compromise, I repeat Never! Today I thought to share another app locker with all of you! I’ve previously shared an app locker so you can have a look onto that one too – Keepsafe Premium!

Moving forward to our main topic, I’m gonna share Vault Premium APK today! It works like a charm to protect your privacy and your personal stuff. There are many things that need to be kept private, that’s why app lockers exist! Let’s get a detailed overview of our app locker!

vault premium apk

Overview of Vault Premium APK

As I always say that you should always prioritize your privacy and that’s why I’m sharing another app locker for you, there are two variants of Vault, i.e. the free one and the paid one. I’m gonna share the paid version without any cost today! I hope so that you will love it!

You should already know the benefits of installing an app locker but still let me give a little overview!

You can save your personal pictures, videos, or even text messages within an app locker and protect your personal data with a password. Are you scared of your parents or family to check out your phone? This app can save you from your parents and relatives! Enjoy your life in peace!

Let’s move on and discuss some features of Vault Premium APK then I will wrap things up because I like to give a small and a brief introduction of an app.

Benefits & Features of Vault Pro APK

vault premium apk

It’s a very famous app locker with over 30 million users worldwide, I’ve listed some of the important features of this app below.

  • Photos & Videos Protection: All your personal data will be stored in a safe place secured with a password that will be only known to you.
  • Calls/Messages/Contacts Protection: This feature allows the user to add some private contacts, Vault hides the call logs of those specific contacts and it also hides the messages alerts from those contacts.
  • App lock: It also supports the feature called “App lock”! You can lock your favorite apps that contains your personal data i.e. Facebook/Whatsapp/Messenger and many more.

There are some advanced features of Vault, I’ve listed them below, Have a look!

  • Fake Vault: It creates a decoy vault to protect the real one, the fake app locker also can store some files.
  • Stealth Mode: This feature is the best one! You can hide the icon of the vault from your home screen, you can only access to the vault by entering your password via the phone’s dial pad.
  • Break-in Alerts: It captures the picture of the person who tries to enter into your app locker, it works like a charm!
  • Cloud Backup: You can backup your files too.

These were some of the amazing features of the Vault!

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I hope that after knowing all these features you know that how beneficial this app is, download it now from below and enjoy your privacy! If you liked this post and if you often come to our website then don’t forget to share us with your friends, Also follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

Download APK v6.7.32.22 (10.53mb) [Latest]

Download APK v6.8.08.22 [12.99mb] {Latest Version}

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