Download My Oldboy Full APK v1.5.1 [Latest Version]

Welcome To Softscorner, Today Presenting you My Oldboy full apk It’s a super-fast and full-featured emulator which is used to run game boy and game boy color games on Android.

Its plus point is that it can run on every Android device from a very low-quality phone to the latest phone. My Oldboy apk almost emulates all of the aspects of the real hardware. Its unique features include link cable, rumble and it also supports tilt sensor.

Let me describe it in more depth so you can download my boy with no difficulties at all. Stay With me.

my oldboy full apk

More Features Of My Oldboy Full APK

You’ll be thinking that it justs emulates the hardware, but that isn’t it. Thanks to the save state system you can save your progress at any time and return to it instantly if you want to. It also supports fast forwarding so you can skip some part of the game and play a part in which you’re most interested. So let’s not waste too much time and let me describe the key features of my boy apk Don’t forget to download my boy android from here, I’ll give the download link at the end. Some key features of Oldboy are listed below.

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my oldboy full apk

  • It has the fastest emulation using ARM assembly code; It quickly gets to 60 FPS without frame skips even on very low-quality or low-end devices.
  • It Saves your battery as much it can.
  • Very Good Game compatibility
  • It supports link cable emulation either on the same device or across any device with Bluetooth or WI-FI, running at a quite decent speed.
  • Game boy camera and game boy printer emulation.
  • It also supports tilt sensor and rumble emulation through your Android device’s hardware sensors.
  • Super game boy palettes emulation, It enhances monochrome games by bringing more colors to them.
  • IPS/UPS ROM patching.
  • Fast-forward option to skip long and annoying part of the games.
  • OpenGL rendering backend.
  • It saves the game at any time with the screenshot.

These are some of the key features of my boy full apk, Download it from the given link below and don’t forget to follow us.

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Download APK v1.5.1 (420Kb)

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