Download Manual Camera APK v3.7.2 [Use Camera Like a Pro]

Do you ever think that you should buy a DSLR? But you can’t afford it or for some other reasons you can’t buy it, What’s the best solution for it? Do you know what am I going to provide today? Any Guesses? No? Okay, let me tell you then! Today I’m going to discuss Manual Camera APK!

You must be wondering that what’s the purpose of this app? The basic purpose of this app is to make you feel like you’re using a DSLR! Beleive me when you will download this app you will feel like you’ve purchased a new Camera.

Let’s move on to the benefits of this app!

manual camera apk

Benefits of Manual Camera APK

With so many features packed in a single app, You will simply love it! You can have access to the manual controls of a camera i.e. manipulating shutter speed and much more. If you love to click images of nature or anything else and photography is your passion but you don’t have any DSLR camera then I would prefer this amazing app that lets you control manual functions of a camera and believe me you’ll feel like a professional after using this app!

Important: Manual Camera pro APK takes full advantage of Lollipop’s Camera2 API, and therefore requires it to be properly implemented in your Android ROM. If your device runs on lollipop and this app still isn’t compatible with your device then you should contact your ROM provider and ask them to fully implement camera2 API.

This app neither slows down nor lags, It’s insanely fast! You will start with auto mode and then you can unlock manual features step by step and use them as you like.

manual camera apk

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Features of Manual Camera APK

This app has a lot of features and I’ll try to cover some of them.

  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Manual Focus Distance
  • Manual ISO
  • Manual White Balance
  • Manual Exposure Compensation

There are some of the additional features that I’ve mentioned below: 

  • RAW (DNG) Format
  • GPS (geotagging)
  • Timer
  • Gridlines
  • Sounds On/Off
  • Much more!

manual camera pro apk

What’s new?

Version 3.7.2:

Android O Support

 – Minor Bug Fixes!

Did you know?

Manual camera is also called “dslr camera apk”.

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Download APK ( 1.83mb )

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