Download Internet Speed Meter Pro APK v2.0.5 [Latest]

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So, Today we will discuss this app in-depth that what is its purpose and what are the benefits of it. Excited? I think you’re! Because this app is no joke and when it comes to tracking your internet then this app is the best.

I guess that’s enough talk, Let’s dig into it!

internet speed meter pro apk

Purpose and Benefits of Internet Speed Meter Pro APK

The basic purpose of Internet Speed meter APK pro is to display your internet speed in status/notification bar and It also shows the amount of data used.

This app helps you to monitor your network connection anytime while using your device! Isn’t it interesting? You get all the info about the data used by any specific app and you can also find out that how well is your internet speed working. In case It’s not good you should switch your network, LOL!

I think It’s time we should discuss the features of Speed Meter pro APK because we have to make it short!

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Features of Internet Speed pro APK

Let me tell you the features of this app now!

  • Tracks Real-time internet speed in status/notification bar.
  • Tells about daily data usage in a notification.
  • Separate data statistics for mobile network and WI-FI network.
  • Monitor your traffic data for last 30 days
  • Battery Efficient
  • Includes Pro features
  • Notification Dialog

When you click the notification, another dialog pops-up which includes the following:

  • A graph to monitor last minute’s internet activity.
  • Usage and time of the ongoing session
  • Full day’s usage for mobile and wifi (Separately)
  • Real-time speed of running applications
  • Smarter Notifications

I guess I shouldn’t make this article longer, It’s already enough to tell you how cool this application is, I suggest you should download this and track all of your data you use daily or monthly.

internet speed meter pro apk

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Download Internet Speed Meter Pro APK from below:

Download APK ( 2.1mb )

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