Download Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro APK v5.1.3 [Latest]

I’m going to Share Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro with you guys today. With this app, you can customize the looks of your status bar. You can change the appearance of your network or wifi connection.

You can surprise your friends or family by showing the colorful status bar of your mobile phone, Believe me, this is a very interesting app. But you may require some of the important things to download it and I will share them briefly in this article.

flat style bar indicators pro

Requirements for Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro

I told you about the benefits of this app but now let me tell you the requirements that you need in order to install this app.

Some Important Things

  • It Requires Xposed Framework
  • Works Only With Android 4.3.x or latest than that.
  • Supports Only Famous Brands Like Samsung, HTC, LG, Asus, SONY, Motorolla, Huawei, ZTE, and maybe more known brands. But I’ve only tried on these.

Free Version Includes:

  • You can Change Data Indicator ( 4 Free Themes )
  • You Can Change WIFI Indicator ( 4 free themes )
  • You can Change Battery Indicator ( 3 free themes )
  • You can Change Carrier Label Style
  • You can Change Clock Style
  • You can change positions of data, WI-FI, Battery Lock, Carrier Label, Alarm, Bluetooth, Sound & Location Indicators.
  • You can also change battery tinting color separately per each level, i.e. 0-10% -> RED,  10-100% -> Green.

Pro Version Includes:

  • Change data indicator includes over 40 themes.
  • Change WIFI Indicator supports over 40 themes.
  • Changing Battery Indicator supports over 30 themes.
  • Bluetooth indicator includes 4 themes.
  • Alarm indicator includes 7 static themes & 2 dynamic themes.
  • Sound indicator supports 8 themes
  • There are 9 themes for changing location indicator
  • Change Color of network speed indicator
  • Battery Changing Animation
  • Change headphones indicator 5 themes
  • Change WIFI Hotspot Indicator
  • There are many more themes for many more indicators.

I would personally recommend you to download this app if you want to design your status bar.

What’s NEW?

  • v5.1.0
  • Fixed Issue with data connection type
  • added customization for ‘portrait’ icon
  • added notifications counter and other customization
  • fixed many more minors issues

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I’ve Also Attached the Screenshots of flat style bar, Check them also. Email me if you need any help. Download flat Style bar indicators pro APK from below.

Download Version 5.1.0 ( 1.5mb )

Download Version 5.1.3 ( 1.48mb )


flat style bar indicators pro

flat style bar indicators pro apk


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