Download Automatic Call Recorder Pro APK v5.36 [Latest]

Ever wanted to keep track of your calls? Or do you want to spy someone’s call who uses your mobile? For this job Automatic Call recorder APK is the best in the business! Nowadays people always like to keep tracks of chats with the help of screenshots, but there are times you should also keep a record of your calls.

I thought to give you an overview of this app, I’ll cover the features and benefits of this amazing application! You can choose the call you want to record and ignore the call you don’t wanna record.

Did you know? Automatic Call recorder is developed by Appliqato!

I think I should give you a detailed overview of this app now! 

automatic call recorder pro apk

Overview of Automatic Call Recorder Pro APK

You can record a call and then save it, later on, you can listen to it. It also supports google drive and Dropbox integration! Recorded calls are saved in the inbox, you can change the destination folder to SD card too.

If you think that some conversations are important then you can save them in any other folder otherwise old recordings will be deleted from the inbox when the memory of the inbox is full, they will be then replaced by the new recordings.

You can also share the recordings with your friends!

Note: This software doesn’t work with some devices so it’s recommended that you try the free version and then go for the pro version.

Let’s discuss some of the features of this app!

automatic call recorder pro apk

Benefits & Features of Automatic Call Recorder Premium APK

  • Record selective calls
  • Ignore selective calls
  • You can also record all calls
  • Save the call recordings in Google Drive or Dropbox!
  • Also, you can save the recordings in SD card.
  • Much More!

There are 3 default settings in this app, have a look at them!

  1. Record Everything (Default): You can record each and every call on your device.
  2. Ignore everything: Don’t record any call!
  3. Ignore contacts: This setting records all the calls with people who are not in your contacts list!

Well, with so many features packed, this application is the best if you want to record your calls!

auto call recorder pro apk

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Download Auto Call Recorder Pro APK from below:

Download APK ( 6.66mb )

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